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Giving back

About Thomas land surveying

Licensed professional land surveyor Matt Thomas started Thomas Land Surveying in 2010 after spending over 20 years working in the civil engineering and land surveying world. Since he launched Thomas Land Surveying, the company has experienced positive growth from the prior year. Today, Matt has been expanded the company's portfolio for clients statewide. The company also gives back to the communities in which it does business through a wide range of endeavors. 

At Thomas Land Surveying, founder Matt Thomas believes that true success is about more than growing our real estate survey portfolio; this top-notch company devotes countless hours each year to charitable causes that benefit diverse populations. From serving on the volunteer board of managers of the Greater Des Moines YMCA to sponsoring youth sports programs in the Warren County area.  Thomas Land Surveying is committed not just to improving the process of surveying real estate and restoring the environment, but to making America a better place to live.